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How to apply the perfect tan with award winning Sunkissed instant fake tan mousse

  12 July 2012

How to apply the perfect natural looking tan: using award winning Sunkissed instant fake tan mousseAdreece Suleman our Sunkissed Tan Man shows you how easy it is to apply Sunkissed fake tan mousse; sharing with you some top tips to avoid tan disaster.....Read More

What 'type' of tanner are you?

  25 June 2012

What type of tanner are you?As the popularity in self-tanning continues to grow at an epic rate, particular attitudes towards tanning have emerged; at one extreme we have the obsessive tanaholic, to whom tan is as normal to the beauty regime as brush.....Read More

Single - So What! 5 fun things to do without a partner on Valentine's Day

  03 February 2012

1. Go down to the gym for a good work outnot only will you feel better about yourself you can be assured that any other good looking guys in the gym on Valentines day are most probably also free and single! 2. Spend the money you might have spen.....Read More

10 Fun things to do when you have no money

  27 January 2012

10 Fun Things to do when you have run out of money January has got to be the longest and most depressing month of the year; the weather is awful and youre usually skint following the busy festive period.Here in the Sunkissed office we have been discu.....Read More

Top tanning tips you possibly didn't know!

  18 January 2012

OKSo you know how to apply fake tan butwere you aware of these helpful hints and tips?1. Exfoliate you dont have to exfoliate before every application of fake tan. If you apply fake tan regularly exfoliating just once or twice a week is enough2. Don.....Read More

How to apply bronzer

  05 January 2012

With a distinct lack of sun right now you are probably feeling in need of a little boost of colour to brighten your complexionnot to mention you mood; and what better way than some fake tan and bronzer.More and more womennot to mention some menare tu.....Read More

Why is having a tan so desirable?

  22 December 2011

Apparently having a sun tan, or at least a sunkissed fake tan is becoming almost a religion to us pale faced peeps in the UK. Everyone from celebs like Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, Scott Mills and Christine Blakely and down to us everyday folk, we all w.....Read More

How do you apply yours?

  23 November 2011

SUNKISSED bronzing introduced a new way to apply self-tan this weekend! In front of a packed audience on Market Street in Manchester, when we performed the 'SUNKISSED Tan Dance'.If you were lucky enough to see it and would like to see more or you mis.....Read More

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