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Discover the secrets to a beautiful winter tan

  05 October 2012

As the darkness descends and the temperature drops will you be changing your tanning regime to suit the weather? Now winterwith the obvious exception of Christmasis not the time to be strutting around with a TOWIE-style perma tan and bare legs; but w.....Read More

The truth about fake tan

  31 August 2012

Fake tan is amazinglets face it, you can achieve almost any depth of tan all year round regardless of your natural colouryou dont have the risk of skin cancer or premature ageing and the choice of products is almost unlimited!In the following article.....Read More

Natural. Beautiful. Glamorous. A makeup tutorial for darker skin

  16 August 2012

 The colour cosmetics used for our Natural, Beautiful, Glamorous look were selected from the Sunkissed Radiance Compact. The velvety rich neutral brown and gold tones are ideal for darker skins. Step 1: We selected three colours from the Sunkissed Ra.....Read More

Sun scare or should we say sun care instead?

  31 July 2012

Will you be spending time in the sun this summer, jetting off to warmer climes in an effort to find the sun? Well before you go please read our not so sunny article on a new report about skin cancer, and how you can stay safe in the sun.Now as you kn.....Read More

How to create the perfect wedding makeup

  19 July 2012

On your wedding day you want to look your absolute bestthe dress, the hair and of course your wedding makeup! Here professional makeup artist Rebecca Otto shows you how to achieve the perfect wedding makeup look for your big day using Sunkissed cosme.....Read More

How to apply the perfect tan with award winning Sunkissed instant fake tan mousse

  12 July 2012

How to apply the perfect natural looking tan: using award winning Sunkissed instant fake tan mousseAdreece Suleman our Sunkissed Tan Man shows you how easy it is to apply Sunkissed fake tan mousse; sharing with you some top tips to avoid tan disaster.....Read More

What 'type' of tanner are you?

  25 June 2012

What type of tanner are you?As the popularity in self-tanning continues to grow at an epic rate, particular attitudes towards tanning have emerged; at one extreme we have the obsessive tanaholic, to whom tan is as normal to the beauty regime as brush.....Read More

Single - So What! 5 fun things to do without a partner on Valentine's Day

  03 February 2012

1. Go down to the gym for a good work outnot only will you feel better about yourself you can be assured that any other good looking guys in the gym on Valentines day are most probably also free and single! 2. Spend the money you might have spen.....Read More

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