As a brand, we’re passionate about sustainable beauty. As we learn more on plastic packaging and non-recyclable products, and the damaging effect it is having on our environment; brands (like us) and popular events are doing all they can to try and protect the environment for the future.

Well known for their eco-morals, Glastonbury, is the first festival to stop using single-use, plastic drinks bottles. There will not be any available to purchase at this year’s festival. A step in the right direction!

To help you do your bit for the environment during festival season, we have put together 4 MUST HAVE eco-friendly beauty products for all your festival needs.


1)      Prep Step – Sunkissed Dark Mousse  £4.99  Available at Sunkissed 

All products in our Sunkissed tan range contain over 95% natural ingredients, so no nasties like alcohol, parabens, silicones and sulphates are in any of our tanning products. The packaging is also made from up to 30% recycled plastic and they are 100% recyclable. Even our BioPE labels are made from sugar cane.  




2)      Simple – Biodegradable Make-Up Wipes   £1.50     Available at Tesco

Face wipes are a MUST for festivals. These biodegradable wipes from Simple are made of soft renewable plant fibres, sustainable wood pulp, gentle cleansers, purified water and skin-loving ingredients such as Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. They also break down in just 42 days in compost.

Kind to skin and kind to the environment!



3)      Barry M Pick n Glitz Biodegradable Glitter £4.99     Available at Superdrug 

With 61 festivals in the UK banning glitter last year, green alternatives have replaced the popular chunky glitters. Brands such as Barry M and Gypsy Shrine have launched “guilt-free glitters” so you can go festival crazy with the glitter without the guilt of harming the environment.


4)      TRESemme Non Aerosol Hair Spray £2.93    Available at Amazon 

Aerosols contain compressed gases, which add to our carbon footprint and contribute to global warming. By using a pump action spray like the TRESemme mist, this is less damaging and less impactful on the environment.


Have fun and don’t forget to think about the environment this festival season! x