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#sunkissedsweetheart Joy Rushton has been keeping us SO entertained throughout lockdown with all her fake tan hacks! And now we're back to some kind of normality, we wanna share them with you!

From faux freckles, to lip liner and even contouring, Joy's tried and tested it all! And she's here to tell us wether it's worth giving the time of day too ...


Faux Freckles


A trend that's here to stay. From the runway to the gram, everyones been obsessing over freckles!

But, if like us - you weren't naturally gifted with them, we've found the perfect hack for you ...

All you need is a stippling brush and your fave bottle of sunkissed fake tan!


See how Joy creates her faux freckle look below

Watch Here


Fake Tan Lip Liner


Now THIS is a hack we can get on board with! Bigger and plumper looking lips even on no makeup days? Yes please.

Grab a thin lip brush, or even an angled brow brush + your fave sunkissed tan, then line or overline your lips as usual. Allow to develop or go straight in with a gloss on top depending on how dark you want your liner to be!

In need of some visual aid? See how Joy applies hers below!

Watch Here


Face Contouring


Thanks to all the iconic Kim Kardashian looks in 2016, contouring has become bigger than ever. And 5 years later, the trend is clearly here to stay!

But if you're not yet a pro with all the creams + powders, how about we make it a hell of a lot simpler?

Use your favourite foundation brush or beauty blender to apply your sunkissed tan to the shadows of your face, then leave to develop!

Once you wash it off, you'll have a subtle contoured base, ready for your weekend glam!!


Need the lowdown on where exactly you should be contouring?

Watch Joy's video below.

Watch Here


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