The ultimate tanning tips and tricks


Want to achieve a perfect self-tan application every time?

We've got you girl! Get the low down on our fave tan tips from prep, to application to maintenance. 



Preparation is key

Remember to shave and exfoliate at least 24 hours before tanning! Use an exfoliating mitt or scrub on dry areas like knees, elbows and ankles and remember to moisturise too (we like to use a gradual moisturiser to give our tan a good base) For any last-minute babes, use a cold towel or end your shower with cold water after you shave to close your pores!


It’s all in the application

Using a clean mitt is essential to a good tan application, make sure to wash your mitt a day before tanning to allow it to fully dry. Use little and often, be sure not to overload your mitt with tan, use one pump of product at a time, apply in circular motions and pat into the skin to finish.

*Top tanning tip* Apply talc or setting powder to any sticky areas for instant drying


Sit back, relax + let the tan do the work

Wether you’re waiting 1 hour for a light tan or 8 hours for a deeper shade, remember to wear loose, baggy clothing during your development time to avoid any transfer. We advise sticking to your recommended guide time closely to avoid any embarrassing tan traumas!


Maintain your glow

Rinse off using lukewarm water to ensure you get the best colour pay off from your tan. We recommend topping up your tan every 2 days using a gradual moisturiser to maintain the colour and keep your skin hydrated; this is the best way to avoid that tiger bread look!


So now you’ve got all the best info, what are you waiting for? It’s time to tan babe!

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