New to the self tan game? We know the whole tanning process can seem overwhelming at times. ‘What tan do I buy?’ ‘Will it turn patchy?’ ‘Will it be too dark?’. We’ve all been there. After all, no one wants to turn up to their bestie’s birthday looking like a tangerine.

Luckily for you, Sunkissed makes self tan easy and affordable, all the while being kind to your skin and the environment. Check out our top Sunkissed picks to get you glowing without the fuss.

 1. Mitts, Mitts, Mitts!

Invest in a good mitt to apply your tan. The Sunkissed Double Sided Velvet Mitt provides an all over equal tan that can be thrown in the washing machine after use! There’s nothing worse than a dirty tanning mitt that you have to re purchase again and again. Your tanning mitt is the ultimate tanning companion, so make sure it’s a good’un!

 2. Exfoliating is key!

Speaking of mitts, you’ll want to purchase the Sunkissed Tan Be Gone Exfoliating Mitt. Trust us, this is a game changer. Say goodbye to your patchy tan fears. By exfoliating with our mitt 24 hours before tanning, your tan will glide on smoothly and avoid clinging to any dry patches.

 3. It’s time to tan…

So you’re unsure what shade to go for? Start with the Sunkissed Tanning Mousse in Medium.  Providing a natural glow, you are in total control of your desired bronze. Completely buildable, this is the perfect mousse for a tanning beginner.


4. But my face!

Applying tan to your face can be scary, especially if you’re a newbie. It’s important to look after your skin, using kind ingredients. Therefore, the Sunkissed Hydrating Tanning Facial Mist from our Clean Ocean Range is an ESSENTIAL! Spray with ease as part of your skincare routine for a tanning glow that locks in moisture and does not clog pores.


5. Let’s make it last

The key to maintaining your tan is moisturising! The Sunkissed gradual tan is the best self tan top up, especially if you want it to last that little bit longer. Not only is this great for a top up, but this is an essential for tanning beginners as it can be used completely on its own for a natural, moisturising glow.


So babe, you’re now a self tan expert! Grab your new essentials and GLOW!