With summer around the corner, we’re making some updates in our makeup bag. From glow to colour, we’ve got the low down on the latest makeup trends this season.

1.Glowing Skin

We’re sure this comes as no surprise. Fresh, glowing and healthy is definitely how we want to look this summer. Due to warmer weather, summer makeup generally means lighter and more water-based products to hydrate the skin.

As a result, cream products are increasingly popular this season. Therefore, we love our Lip & Cheek tint. The new multi-use formula is enriched with Vitamin E, leaving your lips feeling hydrated and your cheeks feeling nourished, providing a subtle satin-stain finish.

2.Bright Eyeshadow

Colorful and bright eyeshadows are making a comeback this summer. With festival season in full swing and the looming influence of the TV show Euphoria, it’s time to put away those nudes.

Have fun experimenting with different colors the next time you do your eyeshadow. Easily customizable to your own style, our Sunkissed Ultraviolet and Diamond Dreams palettes are the perfect summer staple. Whether you’re starting to experiment or a makeup pro, these palettes are fantastically versatile and ready to add a pop of color into your routine.

3. It’s all about blush! 

The return of blush has been clear, but this season we’re going in! Heavy blush is a go to look for many celebrities, including Rhianna, and we’re not mad about it.

Adding a pink blush to your routine offers a light and pretty look, that still creates a healthy sunkissed glow on the skin. This is exactly what our new Marble Desire Blusher provides you with. The secret is to sweep the blush over your cheekbones and not simply on the apple of your cheeks,  achieving that 2022 Hollywood glow.


What’s your favorite makeup trend this season?