Girls night out? Smoky eyes are the sexiest way to make sure you smoulder so grab your make up bag, plug in the iPod and follow these easy steps!

Step one choose your colour
Think smoky eyes have to be in greys or browns? Think again plummy purple shades, dark khaki greens and midnight blues can work just as well, so try a few to find the colour that best accentuates your eyes and makes the colour pop.

Step two shape it
To avoid panda eyes, roll a cotton bud in your chosen eyeshadow, place and place it on the outer corner of your eye and blink this will make the bud move outwards, creating the perfect shape for you to develop your smoky look.

Step three mix it up!
This is a messy, sexy look and doesnt have to be perfect play around with it, or why not team two different colours together? Try a chocolate brown on the lids with a shimmery grey underneath your bottom lashes.

Step four definition
Use a soft black eye pencil or kohl for enhancing all-around the contour of your eye. Avoid using liquid eyeliner as it is designed for crisp lines, not the soft and smouldering look we are aiming for here.

Step five the finishing touches.
Thick lashes are the perfect way to finish off smoky eyes apply a few coats of dark brown or black mascara so you look wide awake and ready for action. Why not try false lashes for extreme length and volume? Dont forget a slick of kohl Now its time to throw on your killer outfit and get ready to turn heads!