Apparently having a sun tan, or at least a sunkissed fake tan is becoming almost a religion to us pale faced peeps in the UK. Everyone from celebs like Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, Scott Mills and Christine Blakely and down to us everyday folk, we all want that bronzed tanned glow! But Whyis it because a tan will make people think you are rich?
Here are a few thoughts:
We look sexier with a tan - In a recent survey done in the UK and North America, 91% of men aged 29 to 54 agreed that the sexiest and most attractive feature on a woman is a smooth, natural, sun-kissed tan.
I have to point out here that the men agreed, which suggests they may have been lead somewhat in this survey. But no matter, I have to agree, I definitely feel much sexier when I have a tan; and without wanting to be sexist I also think men look better with a tan too.
Its a scientific fact - Scientists believe that tanning causes a subconscious effect that makes us feel healthier, more active and more attractive when we have a tan. If you look good, you feel good; it is a powerful aphrodisiac for self-confidenceHere, here!
And I will admit I am definitely more active when I wear fake tan, but thats usually because Ive already planned to exercise and refuse to subject the public to my otherwise pale and insipid pins.
Improves the look of your skin - Having a tan helps to enhance the look of your skin; it is widely accepted that a tan can make your legs look more toned and some even claim longer! Your arms will appear more defined and you wont need to wear foundation on your face because a darker skin apparently hides flaws better.
I tend not to use foundation when I wear fake tan, which is a good job really because on the one occasion I did it looked silly because it left a contrasting line around my chin where the pale foundation and tan refused to blend!
A tan makes everyone think you are rich! Now I have to say that personally, I dont agree with this point if Im honest! Maybe a tan might have symbolised wealth back in the 70s, when only the rich and famous could afford to jet off to the Cote DAzur to get a natural bronzed tan. But now when there are so many great fake tans available, you dont need to spend a fortune jetting off to sunny climes to get a beautiful natural looking tan.
Ok, so weve established people may not think you are rich because you have a tan; but they will appreciate that you are a person who takes pride in your appearance and likes to look good.
Better than the weather My final point is that, wearing a fake tan is like sticking two fingers up at the British Weather! A bold statement maybe; but when I put on my fake tan I am adding colour to my life and it gives me a warm feeling that the cold, wet and dreary weather cant take away.
Why do you wear fake tan?