With a distinct lack of sun right now you are probably feeling in need of a little boost of colour to brighten your complexionnot to mention you mood; and what better way than some fake tan and bronzer.
More and more womennot to mention some menare turning to bronzers in the depths of winter to make them look and feel healthierit has become a staple in every makeup kit.
It is important to start with the right product for a natural looking tan choose a matte bronzer in a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Having the wrong colour or shade of bronzer can make you look unnatural and caked-up.
Choose a bronzer that looks natural on your skin, but not too orange. One other mistake to avoid when applying bronzer is putting all of the product on the cheeks; ideally you should apply and blend bronzer evenly over the face and around the hairline and jaw, using the cheeks and brow line to create definition.
Now that weve covered the basics, here are some more tips for applying bronzer.
How to Use Bronzer

Professional Maekup Artist Rebecca Otto uses the Sunkissed Radiance Compact in the video make-over.
To achieve a natural look choose a bronzer with a matte finish that is one or two shades darker than your skin colour, remember if you are using fake tan then the bronzer will need to be darker to enhance your fake tan. If you have fair skin, it is best to choose the lightest shade. If your skin tone is medium, choose a shade that is in the middle range. Of course, for dark skin tones youll want to use a deeper shade of bronzer. Test the shade out on your jawline; it should give you a golden glow.
Bronzer can be applied direct to your face or over foundation, depending on your preference. If your skin is oily, use a translucent powder on your oiliest areas to stop the bronzer from looking too dark.
Use a powder brush to apply your bronzer. Shake or tap off any extra dust before applying the bronzer to your skin. In small circular strokes, apply the bronzer to your jaw and hairline then sweep your brush once more and apply to the hallows of your cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead and finally your chin.
To blend the bronzer, use the leftover dust to apply to your neck. Tap your brush once more to assure that youve shaken off all the excess powder. Continue blending by running the brush over the areas youve already applied bronzer to.
Bronzer is great for adding a little colour to natural skin tone or enhancing a natural looking fake tan!