OKSo you know how to apply fake tan butwere you aware of these helpful hints and tips?
1. Exfoliate you dont have to exfoliate before every application of fake tan. If you apply fake tan regularly exfoliating just once or twice a week is enough
2. Dont sweat it avoid applying fake tan straight after getting out of the bath or shower, as hot skin can cause the fake tan to drip causing streaks. Let your body cool down for a few minutes first
3. If you find your pores sometimes become blocked by a build-up of fake tan try rubbing an ice cube over your skin first. This will close the pores and stop you getting the tell-tale black spots
4. Waxing and shaving Leave 12hours between shaving or waxing and applying your self-tan to allow your pores to close and skin to settle to avoid any sensitivity
5. Using your hands if you havent got an application mitt or latex gloves to hand dont use a sock it doesnt work! Instead put a small amount of moisturiser (the thicker the better) on your hands and leave for a minute before you start to apply fake tan.
Once finished wash your hands thoroughly to remove all colour and then finally rub the backs of your hand and your wrists across your tummy to transfer fake tan and ensure the colour around your hands is even
6. You dont need to spend a fortune on developing your fake tan SUNKISSED self-tan gives you a beautiful natural tan in an instant, which stays for days and best of all smells fantastic! All this for just £4.99
We are always interested to hear new and interesting ways to improve fake tan applicationso if you know of any helpful new hints and tips email us know.
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