10 Fun Things to do when you have run out of money
January has got to be the longest and most depressing month of the year; the weather is awful and youre usually skint following the busy festive period.
Here in the Sunkissed office we have been discussing fun ideas and actvities that dont cost anything.some ideas might even make you money!
Here are our top ten ideas:
1. Wardrobe swap party - After Christmas is the best time to review your wardrobe; more often than not youll find clothes that youd totally forgotten about, but are back in fashion.
By getting out all the clothes you no longer want you can either put them up for sale on Ebay to generate some cash for new clothes; or you can ask some of your girlfriends to do a clear out and then hold a swap party!
2. Get onto the internet and start planning an adventure, there is nothing more exciting than looking at exotic destinations to get your imagination flowing, check out Lonely Planets top 10 destinations for 2012, for less obvious places to visit.  Even if you dont go on the adventure just dreaming about it is a great distraction from terrible weather and no funds!
3. Track down 3 friends on Facebook that youve lost contact with and send them an email to find out what they are up to now!
4. Go and see a film for free. You can see new releases for free by registering with websites such as www.seefilmfirst.com and www.momentumscreenings.co.uk.  You could get tickets for films before theyre even released. Tickets are usually allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
5. Have a Dancefloor partyinvite your friends round on Friday night to have a Wii Dance off, not only is it great fun but youll burn off a few Christmas calories at the same time!
6. Do a car boot sale. If, when you are sifting through your wardrobe you get a little carried away and gather a pile of goodies you no longer want you might want to visit a car boot sale and get some cash for your unwanted items.
7. Take advantage of taster sessions at the gym. January is usually a busy promotional time for most gyms and lots of them offer free sessions to encourage people to try their facilities, why not take advantage, even if you are not actually looking to join a gym at this time!
8. Why not try volunteering; there are thousands of organisations and charities in need of a helping hand. From working as a mentor to underprivileged kids to helping disabled people with their shopping or exercising a dog for an elderly owner. Check out www.volunteering.org.uk   and www.do-it.org.uk to find out about opportunities to suit you in your local area.
9. Hold a Come Dine with Me party with some of your friends. You could organise it at one house and everyone each bring a separate course to save money or organise a night at each persons house and set a small budget to stick to and see how creative everyone can be.
10. Why not try and get onto television. Television networks and production companies often release a limited number of free seats, on a first-come, first-served basis. New game shows and early-stage regional competitions for shows such as Britains Got Talent are often the easiest to get tickets for.
Visit applausestore.com, tvrecordings.com, sroaudiences.com, lostintv.com and bbc.co.uk/tickets, and sign up for email alerts to be the first to hear when tickets are released.
Have you got any good ideas for having fun for free? Become a member and post your ideas wed love to hear them.