1. Go down to the gym for a good work outnot only will you feel better about yourself you can be assured that any other good looking guys in the gym on Valentines day are most probably also free and single!
2. Spend the money you might have spent on a loved one on yourself, who better! You dont have to spend a fortune, why not try and get a voucher deal on a beauty treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy.
3. Surf the dating site forums there is bound to be some good banter to be had with some of the other peeps who arent out dating. Your high standards in men are probably the only reason you are single on Valentines Day anyway!
4. Send valentines cards to people who you know wouldn't be expecting one from you and enjoy watching them try and figure out who it was that sent it. Asda and Tesco have both brought out value cards which are tongue-in-cheek and would be perfect for this little prank!
5. Get dolled up in your bestest frock, Sunkissed fake tan (of course) a little make up and fabulous hair and make a date with your best single friends. Anyone who sees you will wonder why on earth you havent got a fella on your arm. Maybe its because you dont really want one right now!
Let us know what you think, or any other ideas we can share...