What type of tanner are you?
As the popularity in self-tanning continues to grow at an epic rate, particular attitudes towards tanning have emerged; at one extreme we have the obsessive tanaholic, to whom tan is as normal to the beauty regime as brushing their cosmetically whitened teeth. At the other end there is the tan haters who wouldnt be seen out in anything fake! And then there is everyone else somewhere in between!
Check out our quick quiz to find out which category you fall into?
Youre going down to the gym for a new fitness class but your legs are pale what do you do?

Grab the nearest bottle of instant fake tan

Not a problem, your pins are never pale

Find a long pair of leggings so you dont need to bother how your legs look

Nothing, your pale pins are au naturel and thats the way you like it

The weather is awful, but you have tickets to the new club in town what do you wear?

Your favourite Lipsy mini dress and lots of fake tan; just because the weathers dull doesnt mean you need to be

Youre not sure yet. Once youve topped up your existing tan anything will look good

Tights, at least the colour wont run?

Your favourite Lipsy mini dress and a bit of lippy; whats the point of wearing fake tan when the weather is lousy, everyone will know its fake

You wake up feeling heavy after binging on a curry the night before, what do you do to feel better?

All or some of the below

Apply fake tan, it always makes you look slimmer

Skip breakfast and vow to eat salad for the rest of the day

Go for a run

Your boyfriend of 3 years has finally invited you round to his parents for tea on Thursday night, what is your biggest priority?

Trying to re-arrange, Thursday night is tan night

Grab the nearest bottle of fake tan; you need to look your absolute best

Accept graciously and then worry about what to wear

Find a new boyfriendits taken him this long to introduce you to his mum

You only have enough fake tan left to complete half a body application what do you do?

Apply fake tan to your face, arms and chest at least you can cover your legs

What a ridiculous question, you always have a spare bottle of fake tan in, so you never run out

Wait until you can get a new bottle of fake tan and then apply

You never use fake tan so this would never be a problem for you

Answers: Mostly Bs = Tanaholic, Mostly As = Thursday Night Tanner, Mostly Cs = Occasional Tanner, Mostly Ds = Fake Tan Hater
You are easily recognisable by your perma-tan; an obsessive love of bronze ensures that you will never be without your beloved fake tan. Often pigeon holed at the TOWIE end of the fake tan scale you can sometimes let your love of colour blur the boundaries between tanned and tangoed.
The Thursday Night Tanner
You are a routine tanner, every Thursday night you will prepare, pamper and put on your tan ready for the weekend. You are not obsessive about fake tan but you do feel better with a tan and tend to re-apply a couple of times a week, though maybe without the pomp and ceremony of your precious Thursday night ritual.
Occasional Tanner
You appreciate the benefits a tan can give, like the naturally healthy glow of Sunkissed skin; but you cant be bothered with the rigmarole of getting tanned! More often than not you will only apply fake tan for special occasions. You dont want to look tangoed so you will often play it safe with a light natural tan rather than dark.
Fake Tan Haters
You dont wear fake tan. You are pale skinned and have resigned yourself to being happy with an au naturel, if somewhat ethereal, appearance. The thought of fake tan scares you; conjuring up images of reality TV stars with their fake tan, fake eyelashes and other fake body parts, its just not you!
...But even as a fake tan hater, do you not sometimes wonder what it would be like to wear just a hint of a natural sunkissed glow without having to subject your fair skin to the harsh rays of sun?