How to apply the perfect natural looking tan: using award winning Sunkissed instant fake tan mousse

Adreece Suleman our Sunkissed Tan Man shows you how easy it is to apply Sunkissed fake tan mousse; sharing with you some top tips to avoid tan disasters and how to achieve a perfect all-over fake tan.
He uses our award winning Sunkissed self-tan mousse which provides an instant natural colour and is ideal for fair to medium skin colour. It is a tinted lightweight mousse that smoothes easily onto the skin and dries quickly to leave your body feeling silky soft and perfectly also smells delicious!

Step 1: Preparation. Before applying fake tan our model exfoliated to remove any residue fake tan and dead skin, to ensure a more even application.
We also moisturised the drier areas of her skin including ankles, knees, her wrists and elbows and her face, particularly around her nose and mouth. The moisturiser dilutes the colour and helps to stop product build-up.
Top Tip: If like our model you have blond hair dab a little Vaseline on your eyebrows to stop them from discolouring!
Step 2: Application. We use the Sunkissed Application Mitt to apply the fake tan, it uses patented barrier technology to stop product seeping onto your hands, and the soft sponge helps to achieve a smooth streak free application everytime.
Step 3: Always start at the feet working your way up; this helps to avoid any product streaking onto your arms as you apply. Work the product around your toes and not just over the top to give a more natural looking tan.
Apply the Sunkissed fake tan mousse to the legs in downward sweeping motions, massaging gently to blend any additional colour. Take care not to apply too much colour around the drier area of the knees.
Step 4: Applying tan to your front is pretty straight forward, but when it comes to your back if you havent got anyone to help you - make sure the room is bright and there is a big mirror on hand so you can see what youre doing!
Weve heard some people like to sellotape their application mitt to a big stick, which could definitely help!
Step 5: Now for the tricky partyour arms and hands. Again we start with sweeping motions from the bottom of the arm up to the shoulder, and moving around the arm making sure not to put too much tan onto the elbow.
With the excess product on the mitt sweep it across the tops of your hands. Make a claw with your fingers and apply over the knuckles and down the sides of the fingers for natural looking, even coverage.
Hot spot areas: Check under the tops of your arms and around the ball of the wrist to make sure there are no streaks
Step 6: Finish your tan application with the face. Hopefully the mitt will be saturated with enough product so you wont need to add any extra. If you do make sure you only add a very small amount. Sweep the mitt lightly across your face, one side at a time moving out towards, but not into, your hairline. 
Do one final check in the mirror to make sure you havent missed any bits and you are good to go! Sunkissed fake tan mousse dries quickly so within a few seconds you can get dressed and go.