Whilst most people love a natural looking tan, it is possible for anyone to fall victim to the orange fake tan. Even the  most sensible fake tanners can be guilty of the odd fake tan fail. Here are some of the worst celebrity disasters.
The original victim of the orange fake tan! Now we may be forgiven for thinking we are looking at two different women here. On the left we have Jordan in full fake glamour whilst on the right we have the more naturally fake Katie Price. One of the earliest celebs to be ridiculed for their orange hues Katy doesnt always get it wrong.
Helen Flannigan and her fake tan shot her to fame whilst in the Jungle on Im a Celebrity, where she committed a number of fake tan sins and an epic fake tan fail by trying to apply her tan without exfoliating; without using moisturiser and probably most grim without a mirroroh how we cringed as we watched the poor Umpa Loompah! But Helen also looks amazing when she gets it right here in red dress and matching lippy.
Chantelle Houghton is another celeb who has a love hate relationship with tan. When she gets it right she looks amazingbut when she doesnt, she might have been better off staying at home. What do you think?
Not restricted to women the orange fake tan fail can be worse for men. Think back to XFactor 2012 and Rylan Clark. It reminds us of the baddy out of Superman II .
.yet when he gets it right he looks so much more handsome dont you think?

 And then we saw poor Vernon Kay! Theres not much we can say to this. He looks a bit like a 70s TV host on the left. Hands down we much prefer the manly hint of a bronzed tan on the right.Vernon you have been warned!

And its not just the TV celebs that can get it wrong, Hollywood A-Listers are not immune! Here Cameron Diaz fails on an epic scale not only sporting an orange tan that is too dark for her skin but combining it with dark brown locks which totally overpower her beautiful features. Were glad that look didnt last long.
We hope you like our gallery and are inspired by the fact that Fake Tan can look as amazing...despite the odd disaster!