Do you ever wonder what your man REALLY thinks of your look? We recently carried out a poll of over 100 young men to find out what the worst beauty crimes committed by women are, and the results were very interesting!
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Here are the answers accordingi to British men...


No 1: TOO Much Makeup!
Clocking in with over a quarter of the results is wearing too much make up. Men voted this the worst beauty crime a woman can make. But how much is too much? From the responses we received the general gist of it isa woman needs to look goodbut not TOO fake!
So in their wordsnot oursMiss Piggy style eyelashes, Frankenstein brows and smelly orange tan as an overall look is NOT GOOD.
Take these two images of Chantelle Houghton, in the first  image the Barbie pink lipstick, heavy lidded eyes, shiny skin and bleach blond streaky hair just too fake! 
However, in moderation Chantelle Houghton looks super attractive and sophisticated in the second image. Her makeup is more subtle, her tan looks very natural and her honey hair colour perfectly compliments her skin tone!
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No 2: Smelly Fake Tan

In at second place is the overpowering fake-tan smell. Men hate it when they can smell their ladies fake tan! And to be honestits not all that pleasant for us girls either.
At Christmas we wrote a blog about how Fern Britton and her  celebrity chef husband Phil Vickery fell out over the smell of her fake tan when she was staring in Strictly Come Dancing.
The distinctive biscuity smell is all too familiar with fake tan userscaused by the reaction of the chemical DHA as it interacts with your skin it can leave a pungent smell that is notorious with fake tan fans.
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Rounding up the top five beauty crimes in third, fourth and fifth place, are:

No 3: Unsightly hair extensions
Now if Victoria Beckham cant avoid unsightly hair extensions then there isnt much hope for any of us.
Hair extensions usually work much better for people with thicker fuller hair; usually with a natural kink or curl as they are more easily disguised.
However the biggest crime, in our opinion, is not the odd reveal when it is windy but the uneven effect when they dont work with your natural locks. (see left).
If you use hair extensions make sure you get a trusted friend or possibly (dare we say it) even your boyfriend to make sure they are all in order before venturing outand if it is windy, wear a hat! You have been warned

No 4: Over plucked eyebrows
There is little excuse when plucking your eyebrows, because it is done a hair or two at a time and usually right in front of the mirroryet this is a relatively common beauty crime.
To avoid over plucking try to only go for the strays that appear under your arch leave the main body alone! To help get the right shape, hold a pencil parallel to your nose, whichs shows you where the brow should begin. If you tilt the pencil diagonally so it aligns with the bottom of your nose and the corner of your eye, the end of your brow should fall near to or on the line. You can always fill in with a brown shadow if you overpluck!
We urge you please, to not get too carried away and end up having to paint on comedy brows, like the model above!

No 5: Lipstick on the teeth
Lipstick on teeth is a school boy error. The good news is it is pretty avoidable and easily rectified!
This one goes without saying ladies! Keep a compact in your handbag.
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