Here it is as promised the follow-up to our Beauty Crimes blog!
A couple of months ago, Sunkissed carried out a survey with British men and asked them what they thought were the worst beauty crimes committed by women. Out of the top 5 answers, too much makeup came in 1st with over one quarter of all results, followed closely by overpowering fake tan smell and unsightly hair extensions. In 4th and 5th place were overplucked eyebrows and lipstick on teeth. After writing up the results on our blog, we were curious to find out what women thought were the worst beauty crimes, and if the top 5 matched up with the mens. This is what we found
We asked you to rate in order 10 beauty crimes, where 1 was the most offensive and 10 the most forgivable meaning that the crime with the lowest score overall is deemed the worst!

5th place - unsightly hair extensions ladies selected the crime that ranked 3rd with the men:
If you crave longer, thicker locks, we know its tempting to opt for the cheaper-end extensions (youd be surprised how expensive they can be!), but these usually mean synthetics fibres and poor quality clips. Although synthetics may seem like a good idea, they often tend to be a lot shinier than real hair which makes them more obvious
(although a good tip, if you do opt for the cheaper variety, is to use a tiny amount of talcum powder or dry shampoo to mattify the strands).
You also need to be wary of heat and styling products which can damage cheap extensions in no time. Finally whilst clips are much better for the strength of your real hair (glue can be very damaging), make sure you invest in higher-end clips, as they are a lot less visible and have much better staying power, so you wont be left with wonky ends or pieces falling out!

4th place - overpowering fake tan smell
Which came 2nd with the men. Smelly fake tan is clearly an issue! Its caused by the active tan ingredient DHA, which gives off that biscuity whiff when it reacts with warm skin.
There is good news though - Sunkissed tan! As were sure lots of you will already know, Sunkissed tans have a delicious coconut scent. Not  the usual fake tan smell that so many of us cant stand! Youll only be left with thoughts of summer holidays, as opposed to a packet of Digestives
Many of our Twitter followers comment on the smell of the Sunkissed including One survey taker commented: I've...loved the color it [Sunkissed tan] gave me..looked natural too...very pleased & you're...a lot cheaper than these expensive tans that go streaky & orange! So - have you tried our best-selling Instant Mousse in Medium or Dark yet?
The crimes voted 2nd and 3rd were extremely close separated only by a couple of votes! The crime that snagged

3rd  place - too much makeup
...which came 1st with the men. Sometimes it is hard to see what other people see you may think youre just simply covering up blemishes or accentuating your eyes, but to others its a whole load extra of unnecessary slap!
One survey taker left some really useful tips: My top tip is to apply make up in natural light. Don't keep the curtains drawn and rely on the room light to guide you. If it's not yet light outside when you apply your make up then make sure you have a look in your compact mirror when outside and take a handy powder compact to work for fixing mistakes!
Another helpful reminder is to try and think of makeup as a tool to simply highlight your features (think: mascara for longer lashes, blush for pinker cheeks), rather than something to transform your face completely. When you think about it isnt a gently made up face better than an overdone one? Looks like Christina Aguilera learnt her lesson!

Barely beating too much makeup to the position of...

2nd place - unwashed hair
There really is no excuse for this one! No matter how smart you may be dressed and how well youre made up, greasy roots instantly ruin any look but theyre so easily avoidable!
Yes, its not every day weve got time to style our locks to perfection, and some days we do need to sprint out of the house with a slice of toast in one hand and our left shoe in the other, but thats where the miracle that is dry shampoo comes in!
Say thank you to the hair geniuses who invented dry shampoo and spritz this life-saver onto roots, massage for one minute, leave for two, then brush out. Voila! A bit of extra body AND freshened roots that will last you right through the day. For us, Batiste is without doubt number 1. You can shop their wonderful collection at Superdrug here.

And so weve arrived at number 1. The beauty crime that received the most votes, and is the biggest beauty crime a woman can do to her appearance is:

1st place - the foundation line
One of the beauty mistakes most obvious to others yet often invisible to ourselves!
The best way to combat this crime is to make sure you have the closest colour to your skin foundation as possible lots of beauty bars in shops like Boots or Selfridges can custom-fit foundations for you, to help you get a better understanding of not only the lightness/darkness of your skin but also the undertones (like pink or yellow).
You can also test foundations on the back of hand or the inside of your forearm  the skin here best mimics the skin on the face, and its much easier to get a better judgment looking straight at the skin rather than in a mirror.
Another helpful tip is to gently blend your foundation down into your neck and slightly under the ears, to help reduce any obvious colour change in your skin.
In the beauty world its known that using professional brushes or sponges also gives much better coverage than fingers, so consider investing in some good quality tools! Models Own received rave reviews about their foundation brush, but there are lots of good ones on the market.

We had so much fun reading all your comments on our survey and all the beauty crimes you thought deserved a place on the list! Here are some of our favourites:

Shiny face! It's good to look ' dewy ' but shiny is a no no!
Putting way too much mascara on so your eyelashes go clumpy and look like spiders legs eurgh!
Using concealer as a lipgloss! I would put that as number 3 in the list
Too much mascara so they look all clumped and flakey! Number 3!
Concealer on lips, I'd give that a 3! Fake tan badly done on hands and feet would be number 2
Nobody is perfect and makeup should be used to highlight the good things! Not cover them and add bad
I think we can all own up to committing a beauty crime! Cringe....
Are there any beauty crimes we've missed? Let us know and we'll add them to the list