Its no secret that freshers week is a big event! The first week away from home, your parents and your friends is incredibly exciting, but it can also be quite daunting. If you are feeling a little nervous don't worry weve put together a few tips and tricks to help you look gorgeous and give your confidence a boost.
Speaking as a student, I remember just how exciting my freshers week was. Exciting but daunting! The moment your mum finally helps you unpack and drives away from your new halls (waving a hankie) is the moment you know you're on your own. Scary, but also the best chance to open yourself up to making new friends and trying new things - a world of opportunities!
The first thing I did was knock on the doors of the other rooms in my flat, and met the people I'd be spending the rest of the year living with (and who I'm still friends with now). Our first experience was all getting ready together for our first night out as students.
I remember I spent nearly 2 hours getting ready - though a lot of that time was spent swapping tips, sharing products and critiquing each others outfits! When you look your best it gives you confidence, and I definitely needed a little boost on that first night.
For me, one of the best ways to help me look my best - alongside a great pair of heels - is a fake tan! A tan not only gives you that desirable bronzed glow, it helps to hide blemishes and evens out skin tone. Fake tan can also make you appear slimmer, giving you that extra confidence boost.
Try the Sunkissed Instant Mousse, the tinted formula contains moisturiser and is really quick and easy to apply, giving you even more time to get out there and enjoy yourself! If you are a fake tan newby you can watch our tutorial on how to apply the perfect tan here, don't forget to use the Application Mitt.
Freshers week can be a really tiring experience, especially if you are bruning the candle at both ends! If sleeping well and eating healthily is a tad too much to ask for this week, there are still a few things you can do to keep yourself looking bright eyed and fabulous.
Caffeine is known to stimulate skin and tackle inflammation, so resting warm teabags on the eyes for as little as two minutes can give you a real boost combatting dullness, dark circles, and blotchiness. Plus, it costs next to nothing! Home remedies will no doubt become useful once the student loan starts to wear a bit thin. If theres no disguising tired eyes, a good pair of sunnies can be your best friend. Give pale, peaky complexions an instant boost back to life with a touch of colour, by lightly dusting a bronzer over cheeks. No one will know youre feeling a little worse for wear unless you tell them!


Of course, freshers week isnt JUST about letting loose with your new friends! Here are our top 3 tips on surviving freshers week

1. Buy second-hand textbooks

Theres not much that can prepare you for the shock of seeing just how expensive new textbooks can be. It can be easy to rack up hundreds of pounds just on books, some of which you might not even need. Double check with your course staff which books you actually need and which may just be optional, and wherever possible buy second-hand. Budgeting your finances can be a challenge in itself, so help make your loan go further by buying older books.

2. Be aware of freshers flu
We dont just mean the glorified hangover freshers flu is a real thing, as thousands of teenagers from across the UK all mix over the course of September, illnesses can spread very easily. And when you have experienced a few hangovers, are tired from all the excitement, and eating cheap noodles out of a mug, your immune system wont exactly be in the best shape. Try and keep a healthy diet whilst stocking up on Lemsip, just in case!

3. Make sure you get yourself to the freshers fair
It can be easy in your first week to slack off the events at university that arent essential, but having a walk round the freshers fair is one of the smartest things you can do. Not only is it the best way to find clubs and societies that revolve around your interests and hobbies, it will introduce you to like-minded people (who you may not meet in your new halls), get you involved in extra-curricular activity, give you loads of information about the campus and the city itself, and offer you new and exciting hobbies you might not have come across yet. Not to mention all the freebies!

Good luck to any freshers about to start their degree, and let us know what you think of our tips! Whats your ultimate survival guide to freshers?