We're launching #PerfectPins month with a review of the best methods and products for hair removal. Members of the Elite Cheerleading Squad from the University of Manchester have been testing out a number of products and hair removal methods to use before tanning and here is their verdict on the best!

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Here at Sunkissed, we wanted to determine once and for all which was the best method of hair removal to use before applying self tan. We've been working closely with members of the University of Manchester Elite Cheerleading squad - so we asked them to test and trial a variety of different hair removal methods, then tell us how effective they were in achieving flawless, bronzed legs. After all, they know a thing or two about having their pins on show! They all used the Sunkissed Instant Self Tanning Mousse, and a Sunkissed Application Mitt. So - meet the girls!

Name: Lauren          Age: 21
Position in UMC Elites: Chair
Skin type: Fair - Slightly Sensitive - Normal (neither oily nor dry)
Hair removal product testing: Nair hair removal cream
Usual method of hair removal: Wet shave
Was this method better or worse than your usual method?
"I'd say slightly worse. It didn't remove every single hair, although the hairs that were left were a lot softer. The fragrance wasn't great."
Tell us about your experience:
"Before tanning, I applied moisturiser to the dry areas (knees and ankles). I applied the tan with the mitt - it was really easy to smooth on, and the guide colour was really useful. It dried quickly and was completely streak-free. I tend to wait about an hour before applying tan, just so my skin can recover from hair-removal trauma!"

Name: Essy          Age: 20
Position in UMC Elites:
Gymnastics Co-ordinator
Skin type: Medium - Not Sensitive - Normal (neither oily nor dry)
Hair removal product testing: Gillette Venus shaver
Usual method of hair removal: Gillette Venus shaver
Tell us about your experience:
"I used the self tan when I was preparing for a night out, following a shower. I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn't apply moisturiser but I didn't notice any sensitivity whatsoever from the tan. My legs did look nice and dark (even though I'm quite naturally tanned already!). I think if you were to use a more drastic method of hair removal (like epilating) it might lead to sensitivity, but this was great - quick and easy. Oh, and Sunkissed self tanner has a much nicer smell than others I've used!"
Name: Rachael          Age: 21
Position in UMC Elites: Treasurer
Skin type: Medium - Sensitive - Dry
Hair removal product testing: Veet wax strips
Usual method of hair removal: Wet shave
Was this method better or worse than your usual method?
"It left my legs really smooth and soft (they are normally quite dry) which was a bonus, but it took much longer than shaving normally does, plus there were hairs left over anyway. Although that might have been my bad technique! Overall I'd say worse, just because of time."
Tell us about your experience:
"It took about half an hour to properly give the wax strips a go, then I waited a few hours before showering because I have quite sensitive skin and I got the usual red bumps from waxing. After my legs had calmed down a bit, I applied the tan with the mitt. There was no sensitivity whatsoever, even after having my legs waxed, which I am so so happy about. Plus the tan covered up the little red bumps and all the other blemishes on my skin. The colour of the mousse really is instant and it looks so natural, people were asking me if I'd been on holiday! And it's true what they say - it really does smell incredible, even hours later."

We've seen what the girls have to say about their products, but how do they compare against each other? Our testers rated their hair removal products in different categories, so lets see which is the winner...


With a total of 29 out of 30, our clear winner is the Gillette Venus Razor! By far the quickest and easiest method, plus giving the best coverage of hair removal, there is no surprise that this product came out top! Now that we've looked at the results, let's look at the before and after snaps from our three testers:


Fantastic results from the girls! What's YOUR favourite method of hair removal? Do you have an amazing before and after photo you want us to see? Send them in via Facebook (We Love Sunkissed), and we'll publish them across our #DaretoBare campaign.
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