Gorgeous legs is our focus for the A/W season and as part of our #DaretoBare campaign, we've pulled together our quick and easy step-by-step guide to achieving #PerfectPins!


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We teamed up with the Elite Cheerleading Squad from Manchester University to determine the best method of hair removal to use before tanning and after putting a number of different methods to the test the winner was shaving with the Gillette Venus coming out top. (You can see the full review and results here),
Top Tip: Leave shaving until last in the shower or bath - the warm water will hydrate and open up follicles after a few minutes to make hair removal easier.
We recommend that you shave up to 12hrs before applying tan to let your hair folicles close and skin sensitivity to reduce to ensure a better tan application, and avoid product build up in your pores. However, if you don't have time try our top tip below...
Top Tip: If you don't have time to wait 12 hours, try putting a wet towel in the freezer before bathing. Once out of the bath or shower place the cold towel over your legs and pat down all over, try and leave it on for a couple of minutes to encourage your pores to reduce much quicker.
We asked you if you had any top hair removal and conditioning tips. Here are a couple of our favourites
@Bitsy_von_tipsy: @WeLoveSunkissed A great money saving tip is use hair conditioner. Coat your legs with conditioner and the razor will glide along the leg!
@LeekaJujuberri: @WeLoveSunkissed Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! :D Even just using some home recipes will work (Sugar & honey) Brilliant to get soft pins!
@stachers14: @WeLoveSunkissed Use hair conditioner to shave your legs rather than shaving foam - leaves your legs incredibly soft! #tips

Try the award winning Sunkissed Exfoliating Tan Remover to gently scrub away any rough skin and remaining tan. Preparation before any sort of skin treatment is important, as not only does it help keep the skin healthy, but it also gives better results.
It might not be a current priority, but you should check for any sort of skin upset, whether its a cut or graze, moles or lesions, sunburn or rash. We know they can crop up without being expected, so minimise the risk of any irritation by knowing exactly which areas you might need to avoid.
Exfoliation! Not only does exfoliating buff away dead skin cells leaving the skin instantly more radiant, it can help to prevent ingrown hairs by removing cells that may block the hair follicle. It can also boost circulation if done gently but firmly.
Top Tip: Apply a generous amount of the exfoliating tan remover to a mitt and smooth over the skin and leave for a minute. Then massage the scrub into the skin with the mitt before rinsing thoroughly. Finish by using a regular bodywash to remove any excess product.  and enjoy your beautifully exfoliated pins!
The Sunkissed Exfoliating Tan Remover has been called an amazing scrub product and a secret weapon by beauty bloggers.

Now you've got baby smooth pins, it's time for the tan!
Before applying tan, use a water-based (or oil-free) moisturiser on dry patches such as the ankles or knees. This is to make sure the tan doesn't streak in any cracks and blends easily. If your skin is quite sensitive, especially after hair removal like waxing, wait at least a couple of hours to tan to avoid irritation. You are also safe in the knowledge that all of our Sunkissed tans contain absolutely NO alcohol and NO parabens - the products are kind to skin and contain moisturising ingredient including: Aloe Vera, vitamin E, and Shea Butter.
Top Tip: Apply a little Vaseline or petroleum Jelly around youe toe-nails to stop them from discolouring
Always use an Application Mitt when tanning! It speeds up application time as well as ensuring you aren't left with any streaks and keeps your hands clean and tidy.
For an immediate tan (with a guide colour), our Instant Mousse is ideal. Two pumps onto the mitt will cover at least one arm or from the knee downwards, and the guide colour lets you know where the tan has been applied. Or, for a more subtle build up of colour, go for the Gradual Lotion. It can be applied daily or every couple of days to ensure you are always in control of how deep your tan is, ideal for the winter months. The Lotion is available in Light and Medium, and the Mousse is available in Medium and Dark.
Top Tip: When applying tan avoid your knees and feet, and do these last with the tan product that is saturated on the mitt. Brush the mitt lightly over your knees and feet  until teh colour catches. If they look too dark try diluting the colour with a little moisturiser rahter than removing all product with a wipe.




Our award-winning self tans are favourites of a number of celebs, including TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh and Made in Chelsea's Binky Felstead. See what they said about us here.