The first time we meet Lucy Mecklenburgh is on the set for the Sunkissed photo shoot and when she turns up we are taken aback by her natural beauty and warmth, she is so lovely.
As the schedule is a hectic one we leave Lucy in the capable hands of the creative team, whilst we prepare our questions to put to Lucy over a healthy lunch of Crayfish salad and peppermint tea. So when the team take a well-earned break over lunch we get stuck in
SK: So Lucy, why did you decide to work with Sunkissed when so many of your co-characters on TOWIE have launched their own ranges?
LM: I love fake tan, its great for giving you a confidence boost and a healthy glow when the weather isnt great, but Im really busy with my fitness and fashion businesses. So when you guys asked if I would like to work with you I jumped at the chance, you already have great products, which Ive been using for the last year and Im really excited to be collaborating with you on a gift collection Sunkissed by Lucy later in the year.
SK: You say you love fake tan, how old were you when you first applied it, and how did it go?
LM: The first time I tried fake tan I was about twelve or thirteen - Sam (Faiers) and I had a disaster with tan wipes!  It was really hard back then to get good fake tan for a reasonable price, unlike it is now. So we got these really cheap fake tan wipes and we thought we looked amazing but we absolutely stunk and were streaky! Ive definitely learnt over the years that its trial and error with fake tan and now with Sunkissed Ive finally found one that I love and it smells really nice, a bit like coconuts.
SK: Do you have any tanning secrets you can share with us?
LM: Always keep a tan remover to hand in case of emergency! Sunkissed Exfoliating Tan Remover is a 2 in 1 so you can use before tanning to exfoliate. But, this product is also a lifesaver as it will remove any tanning mishaps if you get some on your hands, for example.
I would also advise building up your tan rather than going too dark in the first place as you will get a more natural colour this way. Sunkissed is so easy to apply the Instant Mousse has a guide colour so its really easy to apply.
SK: Youre known for having lovely locks, whats your secret to keeping your hair looking fab?
I have a regular trim every six weeks and leave in an overnight conditioner once or twice a week.
SK: You always to look gorgeous, does it take you hours to get ready in the morning?
Not long as I usually work out first thing so I just need my essentials then Im good to go! I usually tan at night so all I need to do in the morning is apply some bronzer and mascara.
SK: What is your biggest beauty spurge?
My tattooed eyebrows, they cost a fortune but I love the shape and they are so easy to maintain, I dont have to pencil them in every morning so it saves me loads of time.
SK: As the brand ambassador for Sunkissed you are obviously our beauty icon, but is there anyone out there who you think, yes she always looks amazing?
I love Jessica Alba she has great skin and hair and always dresses well.
SK: Your skin always looks radiant, whats your secret?
A little bit of sunshine is ok but you have to be careful in the sun not because its better for your health but also because of the anti-ageing benefits. I use Simple moisturiser every morning and take my make-up off before bed. I also exfoliate once a week.
Also, if I get a spot I put toothpaste on it, and I dont know why but it really does work!
We're pleased to say that lunch was just about over when we asked this question, thank goodness. So we will leave you with that last revelation that toothpaste on spots is not a myth it really works!
If youve tried it and agree please let us know, wed love to hear from you.  
To check out our behind the scenes video with Lucy below