Don't let the winter weather be responsible for causing anything other than cold rosy cheeks this season. Banish dry skin and get yourself party ready with a few helpful tips to a confident, healthy glow!

1. Chapped Lips
The number one enemy has got to be having cracked, chewy dry lips! Dont even think about licking those lips - it makes it worse! Grab one of our all time favourites...Carmex. This tube with its cocoa butter and a touch of mineral oil helps to soften and hydrate your lips throughout the day, as well as tasting quite yummy too! Some of our other favourites include the original Vaseline Lip Therapy which has a pocket sized tin making it easy to carry around. Want to treat yourself? Go for the Benefit 'Benebalm' which is a hydrating tinted lip balm. With mango butter and sodium hyaluronate, this rose-tinted kiss of sheer, buildable colour gives you the softest, sexiest lips. It's tinted love!
If you're keen on homemade remedies instead try applying honey to the lips for 15 minutes and then remove with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. Or if your lips are really dry try using a clean toothbrush and some Vaseline. Soften the bristles by running them under warm/hot water first and then gently rub over your Vaseline coated lips to exfoliate and remove excess skin and say hello to beautiful kissable lips!
2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!
The combination of cold weather and central heating can quickly result in dehydrated skin, so it is especially important to moisturise in winter...and not just your face but your body too. Apply moisturiser every morning and evening and also after bathing to help keep the moisture in for longer.
A couple of our favourites include Aveeno and E45 which all work extremely well with Sunkissed Tan. However, if you want a moisturiser that will give you a healthy winter glow try the Sunkissed Gradual Tan. The rich creamy lotion is packed with moisturising ingredients: Shea Butter and Vitamin E and it will develop over 2-4hrs to brighten up your skin with a natural, healthy sunkissed glow. Available in two shades you can choose a light seasonal glow or go for a more obvious warm bronze colour.
However, if your skin is need of an extra boost of moisture treat it to an oil based formula like the Bio Oil twice a week after bathing. The oil will lock in moisture and also help to balance out your skin tone.
NB. Please be aware that oil base products act as a barrier when applying tan, so don't use it just before your Sunkissed application!
3. Exfoliate
Maintain your healthy glow with a twice weekly exfoliation; in addition to your regular cleansing routine. We like Clinique's exfoliating facial scrub. The sloughing beads will remove dead skin gently without irritating skin.                                             

For the rest of the body use Sunkissed Exfoliating Tan Remover. The Fruit AHA complex works with the sloughing beads to provide an effective yet gentle exfoliation, perfect for helping to maintain healthy looking skin and preparing it before your tanning application.
Extra Tips for maintaining super smooth, healthy skin in winter include:
1) Take cooler showers. Make your daily showers cooler and quicker to avoid the hot and cold extreme's
2. Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before leaving the house
Dry Hands

One of the most common and painful things to endure in winter is cracked and dry hands!
Prevent your hands from drying out by applying moisturiser after washing your hands and throughout the day. Keep a miniature in your handbag. Treat your cuticles to Burt's Bees cuticle wax to keep them nourished and healthy.
Our favourites:
Aveeno Hand Cream, Nivea Intensive Nourishing

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