Sunkissed by Lucy Get The Look: Glamour & Gold is a result of a collaboration with Sunkissed ambassador Lucy Mecklenburgh, and is one of eight limited edition gift sets, currently available on the website!
The Glamour & Gold set is ideal for creating a dazzling look ready for the New Year! The Ivory, Pure Gold and Total Eclipse (black) eye shades, are really quite versatile, but here we're using them to create a hot smoky eye look. The set also includes a black Kohl eyeliner, a voluminous mascara, and a double ended lip gloss in Nude and Strawberry. For finishing touches, there is a Bronze Gold and Bronze Velvet powder, which can be used to contour or to achieve a simple glow bronze glow. 
To Create our hot smoky eye look:

Using a small shadow brush build a base by using the Ivory eyeshadow shade, by applying it over your eyelid up to the crease and edge of the eye. 

Next take the Pure Gold eyeshadow and apply it over your eyelid, taking it right to the edge of your eyelid (a good measure is, it should be parallel to the end of your eyebrows). 

To create the effective smoky eye, use the Total Eclipse shade to give it a metallic contrast. Using the edge of a tissue to shape the wing of the smoky eye, blend the shade along the top of the crease and out to the edge of the socket, creating an sideways V on the corner of your eye. For a much more dramatic look, add a bit of water onto your brush and then add more Total Eclipse, this time dab onto the V which will help darken the colour.

Go back and blend the gold shade into the black and add a nude shade (your usual foundation would suffice) onto the upper eyelid, beneath your brow line to create a streamline shape for your eyeshadow. 

Using the Black Kohl pencil, pull the lid taut from the side and apply it onto your top lash line in an even line. Add a flick at the edge of the eye if desired to get a winged eye look. Add the eyeliner to your water line too, this will help achieve a darker look. Finish off with a coat of mascara, starting at the base and wiggling your way to the top for fuller, voluminous lashes. 

To create defined cheekbones, suck in your cheeks and using a tissue as a template to guide your cheekbone line, brush Bronze Velvet along the line and up towards your temples. Then take the tissue off and blend upwards into your foundation, this will help create a rosy glow as well as defining your face. You could apply Bronze Glow onto the tops of your cheeks for a radiant contour. 

Finally add the finishing touch of the Pink Nude lip gloss - this will let your eyes do the talking! You could also add the Bronze Glow onto areas of your face that would catch the sun naturally; T-zone and décolletage. 

Now you are ready to dazzle yourself into the new year, facing 2015 looking glamourous!
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