The NEW Instant Tanning Gel is the first fake tan created to work with your skin's undertone, to provide a natural, beautiful looking tan. 

Cosmetic products have long been developing foundation and face cosmetics that compliment your skin's natural here at Sunkissed we thought it was about time that you could choose a tan to match your tone!
Never again will you need to experience a look of the hulk or a tinge of the orange, just beautiful, natural looking bronze skin.

But the question you're probably asking yourself is 'What skin tone am I?'
The skin's undertone is the warm or cool hue that shows through the surface colour of your skin.  Although the surface colour of skin can change (depending on sun exposure and skin conditions like rosacea and acne), the skins undertone always remains constant. 
Knowing whether your undertone is warm or cool will help to choose the tan that best matches your skin; esuring the colour of the product looks natural, not contrived. There are several ways to determine your skin tone, but here are some quick methods to keep in mind:

Our Preferred method is the: Gold and Silver jewellery test!

Have you ever noticed how jewellery looks on your skin, maybe silver makes you look radiantly healthy, or you glow in gold? 
If your preferred jewellery is gold because it glows on you, choose the warm skin tone shade. This formula balances out the yellower tones in your skin to offer a beautiful natural colour.

If silver makes you look radiant and is your preferred colour of jewellery, choose cool skin tone. The bluer tones are neutralised to make your tan appear fresh and natural looking.

Other ways to find you skin tone are: Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If your veins appear blue/purple you are in the cool (bluish) skin tone spectrum, but if your veins appear green, you are in the warm skin tone (yellow) spectrum. 
Some people often use hair and eye colour to get a good indication of their skin tone, for example people with fair hair and blue eyes will often fall into the 'cool' skin tone spectrum and dark hair and brown eyes will tend to be warmer skinned.

Be careful though because this test can be misleading because individuals with darker hair and brown eyes can still have cooler skin tone and vice versa.

Do you know which skin tone you are? Why not take the jewellery test and let us know, we'd love to hear from you?